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Ετικέτα: ψάρι

τηγανητό ψάρι με ρύζι από μαύρες τρομπέτες και σάλτσα allioli

Fennel is a first choice herb for fish dishes ingredients for 4 servings (cost about 6 € pp) 8 medium bogues or other cheap fish…

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μπακαλιάρος ποσέ με σάλτσα ελιάς και κάπαρης

Diego Maradona used to eat this dish, before demolishing his opponents ingredients for 4 servings (cost about 4€ pp) 500 g salted cod filets (of…

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κολιός με σπανάκι, πιπεριές και σάλτσα αλιόλι

The most severe addictions in life are smoking, alcohol and allioli sauce. I have already quit the first and second one, but the third ……..…

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