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νιόκι κολοκύθας με βούτυρο και φασκόμηλο

The combination squash-butter-sage is simply magic!!! ingredients for 4 servings (cost about 4 € pp) Gnocchi are a kind of fresh pasta, made with flour…

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Χριστουγεννιάτικη γεμιστή πίτσα με αντίδια από τη Νάπολη

Pizzas are not only the known open top ones ingredients for 8 pieces of pizza (total cost about 9 Euros) In Naples, Italy, the Christmas…

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Η εγκυκλοπαίδεια των φρέσκων ζυμαρικών

You will become fresh pasta professors after studying this article Before starting, let me clarify something that many people do not understand: Fresh pasta is…

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Ζύμη "φρόλλα" για Ιταλικά γεμιστά γλυκά

A crumbly variant to our basic sucrèe dough, ideal for italian pastries, such as jam crostatas, pasticciotti, buccelatti, gobeletti etc.! ingredients for about 500 g…

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βασική γλυκιά ζύμη (συκρέ) για τάρτες και μπισκότα

A fragrant, crunchy and stable sweet pastry dough, perfect for most types of tarts and biscuits! ingredients for about 570 g of dough (total cost…

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