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Σιτσιλιάνικα παστιτσότι με μαρμελάδα κολοκύθα

I am certain of one thing. Sicilian and Neapolitan pastry are, by far, my favorite ones. ingredients for 25 pieces (total cost about 5 €…

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Ζύμη "φρόλλα" για Ιταλικά γεμιστά γλυκά

A crumbly variant to our basic sucrèe dough, ideal for italian pastries, such as jam crostatas, pasticciotti, buccelatti, gobeletti etc.! ingredients for about 500 g…

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Σαρακοστιανά κουλουράκια με ελαιόλαδο, πορτοκάλι και κανέλα

For those who fast, for intolerants to lactose, for vegans, or simply for a healthy, fragrant and crunchy coffee cookie ingredients for 20 pieces (total…

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Τα θρυλικά Ναπολιτάνικα κουλουράκια Roccocò

Neapolitan cuisine is immense, it has a great variety of everything! ingredients for 20 pieces (total cost about 5 € with organic ingredients) For the…

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