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Marche tour 3

We leave Mondavio and we are searching for a place to sleep.

I have already told you that the Adriatic Coast is ugly. The sea has an unpleasant colour, the towns are badly urbanized and generally this coastal area is considered not too attractive.

But there are exceptions. Fano is one of these.

Fano has a beautiful historic centre. Walking down its streets, you forget that you are in a touristic resort and its restaurants are as good as those in inlands.

So, you can have a night stop there, as you can eat and sleep well.

At Fano I suggest a hotel, out of the city, with an excellent restaurant, so, it won’t be necessary to go out for dining. That’s very good as you will have the possibility to drink as much wine as you like.

You always must have in mind that police controls in Italy are more frequent than anywhere else. Don’t even think to drink a lot and drive, it is very possible that you will pass your night at a police station. That’s why in Italy (and not only) it is better to sleep either in the very centre (where there are many restaurants and bars) or in peripheral hotels with good restos.

The suggested hotel is Castello Montegiove, one of the best hotels ever stayed. Castello Montegiove is situated in a heavenly place, in a small forest above the city of Fano. It is not cheap, but on week days (especially Mondays and Tuesdays) you can find reduced prices (about 70 E for the double room). Never, but never book a room on week ends, as at the hotel they organize wedding banquets and it makes it impossible to sleep.

Isn’t it marvellous?

The next day we are gonna visit Pesaro and Urbino. I would suggest that you remain at Castello Montegiove for one more night, as the distance of this route is not long and you will not find a better hotel.

Ah, I forgot.

I have the firm opinion that 99% of the hotel breakfasts are awful as they contain industrial jams, badly made omelettes, disgusting ham and bacon and above all undrinkable coffee.

Especially in Italy, IT IS A CRIME, I repeat, IT IS A CRIME to have breakfast at the hotel. The big Italian “bars” (as they call the coffee shops there) found at the centres of the towns offer magnificent breakfasts at very low prices.

Cornettos (croissants), tramezzini (cold and soft sandwiches), pizzette (small pizzas), focaccine (hot small focaccie), pasticcini (pastries), bomboloni (stuffed doughnuts), panini (sandwiches), sfogliatelle (puff pastries) and many more combined with the absolute coffee on earth (cafè o cappuccio) are a guarantee for the best breakfasts of your life.

(to be continued)


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