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why democratic?

What does democracy have to do with gourmet?

Everybody has the right to well-made and healthy food, every day and not exceptionally.

And excellent, premium food can be produced even with cheap, everyday ingredients. Of what we consume a lot. Knowledge and culture are lacking.

After all, it was the majorities we had in mind, when we decided to give to the site this form and style, being:

  • Easy to read, without difficult or strange words, in order to be understood even by those who are not familiar with culinary terminology.
  • Anti-conformist. “Cool”, often hilarious, to keep the reader’s interest vivid. Enriched with dialogues, stories and travel reports.

At this point I would like to emphasize on one thing. Many cooks try to present their cuisine as massive and popular and even call it that, without that “massive” and “popular” being accompanied by something substantial.
So, the title is empty of content, it does not correspond to reality and it is nothing more than an advertising trick.

That’s the difference with Democratic Gourmet, the first substantial effort to democratize haute cuisine, a popular manifesto on quality nutrition and cheap fine dining that includes everything: from how to make our breakfast to what cake we should choose for our wedding!

Dignified food is, therefore, a popular right and at the same time a PLEASURE.

And that’s exactly where we are aiming to:

Teach you to look for quality food every day.

Even when you go to the stadium.

Really, how many cookbooks or cookpages do you know with a full guide for the humble sandwiches, which contains the rules, not just to prepare them, but to make them perfect?

Which contemporary cook shows you how to make your own ketchup, your own balsamic vinegar, your own bacon, your own sausages, your own sparkling water, your own refreshments and thus save money and at the same time eat EVERY DAY tastier and healthier?

Where else can you learn how to process each ingredient lying in your fridge or on your kitchen’s shelf, so that when you get home from work, you can quickly prepare a delicious dinner?

Do you know any other culinary page where you can find out what a Barcelona worker usually eats in the morning, a Neapolitan employee in the afternoon and a Provencal engineer in the evening, to add a touch of color to your daily life?

So that´s why this web page, the DG book and the whole concept are “democratic”.

Because its ideas and suggestions are aimed at almost every consumer as they do not deal with the eccentricities of modern haute cuisine, but just “steals” some of its excellent techniques and applies them to everyday food.