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why gourmet?

Because, in order to cook and eat well, it is important not only to buy expensive ingredients or to go to luxurious restaurants, but also to know how to use these ingredients and how to spend money.

I remember, in the neighborhood where I grew up, a guy who, having an Enduro 125 cc moto, was faster than everyone else.
The same thing happens in cooking. Even if we use the best available ingredients, we have to know how to process them, how to cook them, how to combine them and how to serve them, otherwise we will make a poor dish.

And I am not talking about complicated preparations. The difficulties often have to do with simple things.
With the ones we eat EVERY DAY.

A tender omelet, a well-bound sauce, a juicy grilled meat, an al-dente pasta, a delicious soup. And here lies the particularity of our philosophy. Democratic Gourmet is not a recipe book or web page, much less an eccentric one, but an alternative cooking school.

DG teaches us how to perfectly process onion, tomato, meat, fish and all everyday ingredients. Which oil we should use each time.
When it is better to roast and when to fry. And thousands of other things, that once we learn, we will become excellent connoisseurs of the cuisine.

And not only that. DG also teaches us:
Where to buy fruit, meat and fish.
What to serve when we have to accommodate a lot of people.
Where to go to eat and what to order.
And many other things related to the gastronomy.

So, keep on following us.