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The most important of all: Always leave a tip to the restaurant staff. ALWAYS. Not only because this way the staff will pay more attention to you, but primarily because it is socially miserable to consume lobsters and caviar and leave nothing to the people who took care of it.

Hey man, working people are people like you, with SOUL, mouth and eyes, don´t think you are alone on this world.

They also DO have the right to drink a glass of wine.

It´s better to order one dish less or something cheaper and leave a tip, you will be better this way and if you also are a human, you ll feel superior, realizing you are not only interested in your dirty stomach.

And do not hide behind your debit card, you should always have with you in cash an amount that corresponds to 5 to 10 percent of the bill for the waiters.

Be a Lord in your life, even if you don´ t have plenty of money. Be Generous, large-hearted, not stingy and egoist.

And claim every time you leave the store you visited, that people say about you: “Always big-hearted Mr. Bill, God bless him” and not “This fucking McDuckson, again did not leave not even a euro”……………………..

(excerpt from the lemma Going out 1 of the DG book)


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