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tinker mackerel with spinach, peppers and allioli sauce

The most severe addictions in life are smoking, alcohol and allioli sauce. I have already quit the first and second one, but the third ……..

ingredients for 4 servings (cost about 3 € pp)
  • 12 small to medium tinker mackerels
  • Salt
  • 500 g spinach
  • EV sunflower oil
  • EV olive oil
  • 1 red horn pepper
  • Spinach powder
  • Allioli sauce

-What are you doing? The last fish dish you have presented was a fried one with allioli sauce!!!!! Don’t you have to show us something else?

– What for? Cheap fish and allioli sauce is something, something, well, something I cannot describe with words.

– Are you crying? I can see tears in your eyes!!!!! You are addicted to this sauce.

– Allioli for me is more than a sauce, it is a way of life. I, sometimes, wonder if I could live without it. But we have to stop the psychoanalysis, there are serious people (???) who follow this website.

Do you know how rapid this dish is? It can be prepared in 15 minutes. Maximum. And with a bottle of cold white wine we can have a healthy, tasty and attractive meal.

-I admit that your girlfriend (I mean the allioli) adds something special to the dishes, it turns them more sexy.

– I wouldn´t use this word, it is not the best food for people who want to have sex. But for all the other moments, it is unique.

Back to our dish.

We tell our beloved fish seller to clean well and remove the carcasses from the fishes, so they will be ready for cooking. But we must know that there are always left spines, we have to take care of them. We prepare the allioli sauce if we don´t have ready. If you don´t remember how to prepare it I remind you that we beat at the immersion blender two garlic cloves with a little bit of salt, an egg yolk and two tablespoonfuls water and then we start adding 200 ml of EV sunflower oil till creating an emulsion. That´s all.

We start with the spinach. We clean them very well and we boil them in batches for 1 minute in a pot full of salted boiling water. We strain and grease them with some olive oil.

We continue with the pepper. We cut in dice a red one and we sauté it for a minute or two. Horn peppers have very fine skin, so there is no need to peel them.

We remove the peppers from the pan, we add some EV sunflower oil and using high heat we fry 3 mackerels each time, skin side down. We cook for 1,5 minute uncovered we reduce the heat and we continue for 1 minute with the lid, without turning the fish. We repeat the procedure with the rest of the fish.

We mix half of the peppers with the spinach and we put them in plates. We add on top 3 fish and we finish with the rest of peppers, a few drops of allioli sauce and some spinach powder. Divine!

Ah, to prepare spinach powder you have to dry spinach leaves in the dehydrator or the oven and to grind them with the coffee grinder. Powders offer colour and taste with a natural way, without additives and chemical products. I always have spinach, carrot, yellow and red beetroot, parsley, celery and more powders in my fridge. One day we will talk exclusively for the powders.


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