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The Doors 10: the famous covers

Hundreds of artists have covered some of the most famous Doors’ songs. Many of them successfully, others not. Let’s see the most known among them.

Steven Tyler is one of the greatest singers of all time. Don’t you agree? And an excellent harmonica player. He dared to sing the classic blues love song “Love me two times” and he did it perfectly.

Echo and the Bunnymen are a British rock band from the 80’s, famous for their singles “Rescue”, “A promise”, “The killing moon”, “The Cutter”, etc. In 1985 they covered “People are strange”, having Ray Manzarek himself as the keyboardist.

Not an easy decision to make a cover of L.A. Woman. Watch Billy Idol as Mr Mojo Risin and listen to his characteristic voice. Do you like it? Personally, I am not so sure.

One of my favourite singers, Jim Kerr and his Simple Minds offer us a funky version of the hymn “Riders on the storm”. I love whatever Jim does.

The eternal Patti Smith comes in the “Soul kitchen” and gives us an excellent -as always- version of the Doors’ classic song.

If you remember the following band, Blue Oyster Cult, you must be, at least, 50 years old. Imagine how old I am. The band who has offered us the magnificent “Reaper”, “Godzilla”, “Burning for you” and many other great songs performs live the “Roadhouse Blues”.

Some people think that Duran Duran were a silly group from the 80’s, which had conquered the British tops with easy listening pop music. NOT AT ALL. Duran Duran were great and Simon Le Bon an excellent singer. Better than A-ha’s Morten Harket? I really dunno.

Although I love the Cure, I am not sure at all that this cover on “Hello, I love you” was successful. What do you think about it?

Steve McGarrett, the legendary lieutenant of Hawai 5-0 sings “Light my fire”. I am joking. Actually, these are the Ventures performing their own top hit and right after the Doors’ most covered song.

Only a genius like Kurt Cobain could present such a strange and personal cover of “the End”. Watching this clip, it makes me think that Kurt might be Morrison’s younger brother.


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