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salad 2

It is in fact impossible to suggest one kind of vinaigrette and I think it is enough to tell you that a basic salad rule is that the better the quality and the taste of the veggies is, the more minimal the vinaigrette should be. I give you, furthermore, some general instructions, which will help you a lot:

a) For “lettuce” salads which have no particular interest, we usually use a strong vinaigrette with many ingredients, mayonnaise or even sour cream, in order to make them delicious.

b) For peppery salads (rocket, watercress, etc.) we use an acidic and sharp vinaigrette, to compensate for their light “picant” odours.

c) For light-tasting salads (spinach, tender beetroot leaves, valeriana) we make a very light vinaigrette, so that the veggies flavors do not disappear into it.

d) Bitter vegetables (radishes, endives, chicory) accept all kinds of vinaigrette. My favorites, I love bitterness, I consider it the taste of wellness.

e) The thin-leaf vegetables are not susceptible to very thick vinaigrettes because its high specific weight will break them. These salads need also very little and gentle mixing.

f) High-flavored vegetables (radishes, mustard, wild rocket, etc.) require larger amounts of vinaigrette than those that have a more delicate taste.

g) Salads intended for buffets should be lubricated with mayonnaise vinaigrette, which less spoils the salads…………………………………..

(excerpt from the lemma Salads 2 of the DG book)


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