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mobile use during meals

I hate people who have the miserable habit of passing their time in the restaurant with their mobile phone. Food is a mystagogy, an enjoyment and not something with no interest. You better stop the stupid check in, the selfies and the photos of dishes.

You go out for your own fun, not for your internet friends.

And in any case, as many of you are addicted to “check ins” and I imagine that I’m talking to deaf people, do the fucking “check in” and immediately after that leave aside your damned phone and DO concentrate on your plate.

Close your eyes and smell your wine.

Relax and chew slowly the lamb you ordered.

Listen to the sound that a well-baked bread makes.

Look at your food thoroughly and when you finish with it, look better at the person at the opposite table, fool around with her nice tits or his lovely moustache or whatever else interesting there is, BUT leave your cell phone away. Make a gift to yourself, you do all the fucking day the same stupid thing. Aren’t you bored yet?

Or do you think that you become more attractive to your “followers” if you “upload” photos with bones, leftovers or garlic sauces? Have mercy, what kind of mania is this?

(excerpt from the lemma Going out 1 of the DG book)


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