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Emma Kay and her Museum of Kitchenalia

The Cotswolds is an area in South-West England. I‘ve never been there, but when searching on the internet I found this to be a marvellous, hilly, evergreen region with castles and cottages. That’s why it has been declared as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a British distinction for one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

Cirencester is a Cotswold town, just 2 hours away from London by car. Here lies The Museum of Kitchenalia.

What is this?

An independent private collection, which is not open to the public – a treasure trove of many eras containing everything from forks to butter churns. The collection provides a romantic and nostalgic insight into Britain’s culinary past.

So, fill your Royal Albert cups with an organic Earl Grey, relax on your sofa and surf the museum’ s official page, where you can find more information and images. You will be able to explore cups, mugs, plates, ladles, balances, serving dishes and many other things, made of precious old materials. A visit will guarantee a break from the gloom of contemporary society.

The owner and soul of the museum is Emma Kay, a former museum professional who has worked in institutions including and the British Museum and The University of Bath. She is also a very likable person. Hi Emma!!

Emma is a food historian and culinary writer.

She is well-known in her field in Britain, having participated in BBC and Channel 5 shows, as well as being widely published – from BBC History Magazine, the Daily Express and The Times, to the Daily Mail.

She has written eight books on the history of food, among them – Stinking Bishops and Spotty Pigs, The Georgian Kitchen, A History of British Baking and many others. Her latest book, A Dark History of Chocolate is due for publication in November 2021 and she is busy writing a new batch of books for release in 2022 and 2023.

You can find Emma’s books here

I will end this article with a video of Emma demonstrating how chocolate was made in the 1800’s. I hope you ‘ll enjoy it


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