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hokkaido squash with iberian ham and fried egg

Don´t worry, there is nothing Japanese here, it is just the vegetable name

ingredients for 4 servings (cost about 4 € pp)
  • 2 small hokkaido (aka red kuri) squashes
  • 4 slices of Iberian ham
  • 4 large eggs, organic of course
  • 4 teaspoonful parmigiano cheese
  • EV sunflower oil
  • Some breadcrumbs
  • Fresh rosemary leaves
  • Salt
  • coarse black pepper

Sous vide technology is not used only for preparing meat dishes. The vacuum packaging gives us the possibility to maintain food for much longer time in the fridge and to prepare excellent dishes in moments.

So, on Sunday, we make the week preparations, we seal them in vacuum, we put in fridge and we consume the food during the next 7 days!!!!

We can follow this planning even if we don´t have a precision cooker, but a sealing machine is indispensable.

Squashes are the most beautiful of all vegetables. Remembering the Castelfranco radicchio, I correct: Squashes are among the most beautiful vegetables. White, yellow, pale, orange, how many colours they can have.

They are cheap too and they don´t even need a fridge!!!!! Just a cool place in the garage.

So, we buy two small squashes, we peel them, we cut them in halves, we lightly salt them, we seal them in a vacuum bag and on Sunday (or our day off) we cook them for about 2 hours at 85 Celsius degrees. When this time passes we control with our finger if the squash seems cooked, cos there are some varieties rather hard. If we don´t have a precision cooker we roast the half squashes in the oven (180 C) till tender but firm, we let them cool completely and we seal them. In both cases, we put the packages in the refrigerator.

When we want to eat the squashes, we put the jamon slices in a cold skillet and we subfry them till lightly crispy.

We remove the solid parts, we raise the heat and in the jamon oil we mark the squashes. I forgot to mention that we must bring them to room temperature, before marking them. We keep them hot.

We fry 4 eggs, one at a time, trying to keep the yolk completely liquid. We salt them and with a mould ring we cut the egg whites to a slightly smaller dimension respecting to that of the squash.

We fill each squash half with a tbsp of parmigiano and a jamon slice, we place on top a fried egg and we decorate with breadcrumbs, black pepper and fresh rosemary leaves.


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