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Grilling is the oldest and most minimal way of preparing food.

If there is a fire and a piece of something we can “eat”. However, the small number of materials used in this technique, the dryness of the heat source and the high temperatures that produce the coals, make this preparation one of the most difficult.

What? Am I saying bullshit?

Do you think that it is easy to grill and you also consider yourself “super” roasters?

Do you think that you can also make some of the best steaks of the world?

So, you are the perfect asshole. One of hundreds of people from whom I hear the same silly words.

Basically, I may not have met even one man (grilling for some strange reason has remained a male privilege), who is not proud of his grilling skills and at the same time who is not snubbing his wife’s cooking ones.

UNFORTUNATELY, however, the truth is different. Completely different.

Grilling and singing face the same problem: As everyone can throw a piece of meat on the fire and as everyone has a fucking voice, also thinks that he can cook and sing well, respectively.

The biggest problem with grilling on charcoal starts here.

Amateur roasters think that they know everything and that the “professional” who whistled them the secrets of the grill is a God, meanwhile is an arrogant and stupid one. Or that the best roaster in the world (after them) was their grandfather, from whom they took the first grilling lessons !!! And they refuse to learn, they refuse to improve, they refuse to accept the advice of experts, ignoring at the same time a basic principle not only in cooking, but also in life:

That there is always something better than good and something worse than bad.

¨As I grow older, I constantly learn more¨ uncle Solon used to say.

So the most important:

We need to get rid of our obsessions and realize that as we can not make Ferran Adrià ´s spherical olives without knowing how, so we can not make a proper grilled steak.

Once we realize this, we will have already taken the most important step to learn to grill ………

(excerpt from the lemma Grilling of the DG book)


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