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going out 2

I am going to tell you a story, now. Below Attiki Square in Athens, when I was a child, there was a tavern.

I have NEVER seen a more crowded place, than in this tavern. Even on weekdays, it was impossible to find a table, unless you waited for, at least, a quarter. And its halls were no small at all, on the contrary.

During summertime, even more. Up to 50 tables outside, on the street, next to the train rails. Tenths of waiters. And the people waited for an hour to eat its famous “kid”.

In that tavern there was no menu. Everyday, the same thing was served. When somebody managed to find a table, the waiter came and just asked two things: “Ηow many people will you be?” and “What will you drink?” And that was ALL.

After a while, an always warm and fresh baked loaf of bread arrived, along with an always well-seasoned green lettuce salad (I do not remember well, but in the summer the salad would logically be a “Greek” one, based on tomato) and a few minutes later a juicy kid with roasted potatoes, quantitatively depending on the number of people who were in every company. THIS WAS THE ENTIRE MENU. NOTHING ELSE.

Oh, sorry, I forgot. At the end of the meal the tavern offered a piece of light, relatively unsweet and well made cake, which in winter had almonds and in summer strawberries.

What do I want to tell you by this story?


The most successful store, which I remember in Greece, had only one kind of food. And I assure you: IT WAS DELICIOUS, TOP.

So stay away from restos that make “everything”. Nothing will be worth it……………………..

(excerpt from the lemma Going out 2 of the DG book)


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