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Don’t you, forget about him

I always loved people with real and natural talent. Painters, actors, musicians, architects and of course singers.

Addicted to rock music for more than 35 years, I use to pass my nights searching for my childhood heroes and especially for their actual career. So, I often sleep with images of Steve Harley, Johnny Marr, the Waterboys and many others.

Jim Kerr is one of the best singers ever listened to. His career as the frontman of Simple Minds is immense, he was a true star during the 80s with very popular songs, such as Alive and Kicking, Don’t you, Belfast child, Someone somewhere in summertime etc.

“Spying” Kerr’s actual career I found a magnificent video of Simple Minds acoustic tour, a gig in Birmingham where the Scottish artist has given another show. During the intro song he left the stage and (surprising even the cameramen who couldn’t follow him) he went into the crowd and continued singing, leaving on stage the backing vocalist alone. Jim was nearly 60 at the time.

Ladies and gentlemen a great artist. Enjoy.


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