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Perhaps the most used processed material in culinary history and certainly one of the most important in Mediterranean cuisine. If the flour runs out, we are fucked up, no breads, no pizzas (not even Da Michele? That’s the end of the world), no pasta, no pies and tarts, no cakes and cookies.

NOTHING, we will remain with kale and energy bars, a NIGHTMARE.

I ADORE BREAD AND PASTA, I do not even think of comparing the best beef steak in the world with an average Neapolitan pizza or Sicilian pasta, so, for me, flour is the most fundamental ingredient in the kitchen.

I remember, I was fucked during the first wave of Coronavirus, when flour disappeared from Barcelona market, where I was. My daily bread was gone, my pizzas, and my maltagliati were gone, too.

But, under normal conditions on my shelf there are always at least 5-6 different flours.

All organic.

Some friends of mine, who know my relation with healthy eating, wonder about my obsession with carbs and ask me:

Well, cook, isn’t it unhealthy to constantly eat bread and pasta? Apart from the fact that carbs make us fat. And there is also the gluten issue.

Some others, go at the other side:

Why, my dear friend cook, do you keep telling us to avoid cheap flour products? Bread is the body of Christ. And you call it harmful. Haven’t you seen the “pyramid of the Mediterranean diet”?

Well, to clarify all of these, starting from the end.

There is good flour and bad flour.
As there are good oils and fats etc.
The …………………………………………..

(excerpt from the lemma Flour of the DG book)


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