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Wallonie mon amour 2

We keep on moving on N40 National road passing through dense forests and peaceful farms with cows and other animals. The nature, there, is unique, I am sure that the book Fifty shades of ……. green would be a story on the Luxembourg region.

Léglise is the next town we find. Very charming, as all the places there, it is worth a visit at its center and maybe one more beer, if you don´t drive. I forgot to tell you (or maybe not?) that the beer in Belgium is very cheap, sometimes cheaper than water and very very tasty. Small local breweries produce fresh unpasteurized beer, a zillion times better (at least) than the well known industrial piss.

We already reached Neufchâteau, the region´s capital. Neufchâteau is an extraordinary town with a beautiful lake and an even more beautiful sports center (Centre du Lac) on the waterfront. So take off your clothes, catch your basketball or racket and go play at the most marvelous place ever done.

I would suggest you to overnight at Neufchâteau, there is a descent hotel, Eden Ardenne, with breathtaking views on the lake. It is not very cheap but it offers you a parking place and an acceptable restaurant. Don´t forget you are in Belgium.

Alternatively you can eat on town´s main square (Grand Place) where there is also an Italian pizzeria “La Vendetta”, a promise for a better dinner than any local cuisine resto. If you don´t wanna spend a lot, go to a “friterie”, the Belgian fast foods which offer cheap but very unhealthy food.

If you don´t drink a lot and you ll be able to drive, catch your car and go about 5 km towards Libramont. You will find La ferme des Sanglochons, a very atmospheric taverna, where you are gonna eat well.

Oh, I forgot. In Neufchâteau there is a Tourism Office where you can buy fancy souvenirs and also rent (electric or classic) bicycles. If you can ride I suggest you to rent one and wander at the lake and the magnificent town.

Go to sleep now, I imagine you will have already drunk a lot.

(to be continued)


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