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Κατηγορία: ΣΑΛΑΤΕΣ

σαλάτα ρόκα με ψητές πιπεριές και τοματάκια

Rocket is a wild leafy vegetable, preferred by ……..donkeys. That does not mean that if we eat it, we are donkeys too ingredients for 4…

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carpaccio παντζαριού με μοτσαρέλα, φιστίκι Αιγίνης και φλούδες πορτοκαλιού

A fresh and perfumed salad which can be made very easily and take part as a first dish in a multi course menu! ingredients for…

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σαλάτα ρόκα και πορτσίνι με ιβηρικό χαμόν

Stop using watery lettuce in your salads and enhance them with high umami elements, such as mushrooms and quality ham ingredients for 4 servings (cost…

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ροδάκινο ψητό με αντράκλα, ιβηρικό χαμόν και βινεγκρέτ από σμέουρα

Fruits, such as peaches, apples, apricots, figs, strawberries and many more can be used as part of great dishes. Build your own salad with the…

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