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Κατηγορία: ΣΑΛΑΤΕΣ

η διάσημη χωριάτικη σαλάτα φτιαγμένη μη τουριστικά

This salad could be a perfect first course dish in a original “Greek style” dinner. And please, do not listen to Zorba, once again. Greece…

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πατατοσαλάτα με σάλτσα μουστάρδας και σέλινο

This salad can also be made as the classic ones, by mixing in advance the potato with the sauce and the aromatics. If done, it…

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Αμερικάνικη πατατοσαλάτα με σκορδάτη μαγιονέζα

The garlic mayo can be also made with half yolk instead of 2 (if you have problems with cholesterol), but the taste will not be…

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σαλάτα ρόκα με ψητές πιπεριές και τοματάκια

Rocket is a wild leafy vegetable, preferred by ……..donkeys. That does not mean that if we eat it, we are donkeys too ingredients for 4…

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carpaccio παντζαριού με μοτσαρέλα, φιστίκι Αιγίνης και φλούδες πορτοκαλιού

A fresh and perfumed salad which can be made very easily and take part as a first dish in a multi course menu! ingredients for…

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