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Des fraises, des cerises, un baiser d’ange au printemps

I consider Lee Hazlewood´s “Summer Wine”, one of the best songs ever heard. I love it so much, I often play it in my guitar, although I deserve the title of the Greek Cacofonix. Thank God I have Katerina, an ex pro who sings both male and female vocals.

Have you ever noticed the song lyrics?

Well, it is a nostalgic story about an express relationship between a man and a woman.

The woman declares impressed by an object “she saw my silver spurs and said let’s pass some time” and the man, credulous as usual, accepts her love, her summer wine, which is made by “strawberries, cherries and an angel´s kiss in spring“. Magnificent lyrics!!

How does this story end up?

Well, meanwhile the man is sleeping completely drunk by the “summer wine”, the woman steels what she wanted “she took my silver spurs, a dollar and a dime” and leaves our friend “craving for more summer wine“.

Never mind, women deserve everything.

This immortal song is widely known sung by Nancy (Sinatra) and Lee, although it was originally recorded with Suzi Jane Hokom.

The next decades uncountable duos have covered this song, today I will present you the one I personally prefer.

Alex Kapranos is the Greek origin singer and guitarist of the famous Scottish band Franz Ferdinand.

He honoured Hazlewood´s Summer wine with an extraordinary bilingual cover, sung along with Clara Luciani, a Corsican beauty and singer of the French pop band La Femme.



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