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cooking with recipes

Many recipe books are LITERALLY for garbage. They usually contain recycled mess made by mediocre and insignificant cooks, or – even worse – awful recipes, presented as “local”, “traditional”, “authentic”, “better” or “grandmas”.

Likewise, the “recipes of famous” non-cooks.

Why to buy Gerard Depardieu recipes book for example? What for? Because cos he is a good actor;

Or Dolly Parton´s one? Because she has big …..? And what does this has to do with cooking?

Or Oprah Winfrey´s book? Because she is the most famous anchor woman in the world?

Whoever becomes famous, publishes a recipe book!!!! And fucks all those unfortunates who read it.

For the bin are also those recipe books that mention in their title a time parameter, of the style: “Quick recipes for students and new mothers” or “Cook everything in 30 minutes”.

Fuck you, are you serious now?

It is not efficient to put “time” in cooking. What are these 30 or 60 mins? They remind me of the prostitutes, we used to go to as youths and their words: “Hey, boy, in 5 minutes you will be done, there are customers who are waiting”.

I don´t understand this way of living.

To go through a red traffic light, just to get to work few seconds earlier.

To steal the turn of our neighbor in the super market waiting line, just to checkout a little sooner.

To order food from a drive through, just to get home faster.


(excerpt from the lemma Cooking with recipes of the DG book)


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