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Wallonie mon amour 1

BELGIUM. Maybe the strangest state I know. Two completely different nations, two completely different languages, two completely different landscapes and only one binding element: The crown

The northern part is called Flanders and is flat and boring as all the plain landscapes. There, the people speak Dutch and the only difference from Holland is that in Flanders cannabis consumption is illegal.

But the southern part of Belgium, the Walloon region is MAGNIFICENT. One of the most beautiful areas in Europe.

I have passed a lot of time in Wallonia, I adore, the place, the people and generally everything but the food. Wallonia is and will ever be the place where I would love to live. It is relatively cheap (except the restaurants), with a very interesting life and an incredible wealth of amazing places.

Wallonia is divided in 5 regions: Belgian Luxembourg, Wallonia Brabant, Namur, Hainaut and Liège. Let´s start our tour from Belgian Luxembourg, the southern entrance of the state.

After passing the city (of the state) of Luxembοurg we first find Arlon, a common city which has nothing in particular. Arlon is one of the less Walloon places, even the language spoken there is the Luxembourgian, a German influenced dialect. So keep on driving, leaving the visit to Arlon for one other time.

Oh, I forgot. Before leaving the state of Luxembοurg, fill your car´s deposit with gasoline, the price in Belgium is 60% more expensive. If you smoke, do not forget also to buy cigarettes, but primarily do not forget that you may, as well, stop smoking.

After about 30 ungrateful km and about 100 brothels in Belgian territory, we arrive at Habay la Neuve, the first interesting place in our route (photo by monsieur Jean Pol Grandmont)

Habay is a beautiful village where you can stop for a while and drink a coffee or even better a beer. Take a walk, snap some images and get ready to continue. Our trip has just started.

(to be continued)


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