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Núria Bàguena. A tribute to a living legend

I constantly believe that great cooks must have something more than a spontaneous cooking talent and a complete professional formation. They must have a general knowledge.

Núria Bàguena i Maranges is a living legend. I can´t find words to describe what exactly Mrs Bàguena is, as her curriculum vitae is about 30 pages long!!!!

Well, she is obviously a great cook and also a well known food historian, a collaborator at universities, cooking schools and institutes, a speaker at uncountable seminars and fora, a gastronomic advisor at many restaurants, a redactor of hundreds of articles published all over the world and an author of historical and cooking books.

Among these books we can find:

a) From ancient Rome to your kitchen “De l’ antiga Roma a la teva cuina”

b) Vocabulary of kitchen and measuring tables “Vocabulari de cuina i taules de mesura”

c) Cooking and eating in Barcelona 1850-1900 “Cuinar i menjar a Barcelona 1850-1900”

d) 10 ways to prepare chickpeas “Els cigrons de 10 maneres”

e) 10 ways to prepare eggplants “L’ albergínia de 10 maneres”

I, a “guiri” as foreigners are called in Barcelona, first learnt about Mrs Bàguena’s work when I bought the book ¨La Riera¨, where she has elaborated the recipes. For those who don´t know it La Riera was one of the most popular ever tv series in Catalonia, with more than 1000 episodes during 8 years.

The book, a constant inspiration for us, has become one of our references on Catalan cuisine and after years of use, it is literally ¨melted¨.

When I saw Mrs Bàguena’ s account on Twitter, I was shocked. She is one of our culinary heroes and I felt awe when I first talked to her.

Núria has a magnificent personality and she is incredibly pleasant and humble, something that in my opinion is the largest human virtue. Every morning she offers us a little piece of her immense knowledge, showing and analysing an old painting, an ancient kitchen piece or a dish of the past.

On her Pinterest account she is also exposing very interesting photos about kitchen and ……… everything relative: painting, cinema, games, records etc.

We are grateful to Mrs Bàguena for her encouraging words and support about our work and we want to express our immense respect to her.

You can follow Mrs Núria Bàguena on:

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